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"You work in Hollywood? That must be so glamorous."

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Wipe the glitter off

Updated: Sep 14, 2017

On the set of Dennis The Menace Rides Again I first heard the quote that inspired this collection of stories.

In this scene, Dennis was trying to wash a car. Below are some shots of the estimable cast-- Betty White, Carrot Top, Brian Doyle Murray, and, yes, that's Academy Award Winner George Kennedy with the incomparable Don Rickles covered in whatever the special effects department decided to use to mimic the cotton candy mix Dennis used instead of soap.

Trust me when I tell you, the crew looked just as pink at the end of that day on the back lot of Warner Bros.

Only when we got home did we discover that the pink foam had stained all of our clothes...and the costumes, too, which made for continuity problems.

This was my very first movie. The cast was hilarious. I only wish the audience of the movie could have laughed as much as we did behind the scenes.

And I'll never forget a grizzled sound guy waving goodnight to me as we're both covered in this pink sticky mess and cheerfully calling out, "Ah, the glamorous life. Make sure you wipe all the glitter off when you get home."

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