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"You work in Hollywood? That must be so glamorous."

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"That's not dirt"

Updated: Sep 18, 2017

For the TV show American Dreams, we were shooting a fire fight in Vietnam featuring a wonderful actor named Will Estes, now better known as a star of the show Blue Bloods.

The cameras were pointed at a jungle set and the special effects team had rigged up explosions. At the last second, the director decided he wanted dirt falling right in front of the camera. So, someone got a shovel and started heaving as the explosions went off.

After they got the shot, Michelle Crenshaw, the 1st AC, made a face at Camera Operator, Scott Steele and told him he stank. He replied, "no, you do." At which point, Michelle went over to the bucket from which the 'dirt' had been shoveled. She took a whiff and said, "That's not dirt. That's manure."

Then she laughed and added, "Guess it's not a real day in Hollywood unless someone is shoveling shit on your head."

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