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Only one thing’s worse than discovering your husband has a mistress and that’s having to assume her identity in order to stay alive.

On the day her cyber security system goes up for sale, Lucy Anza's life falls apart. She finds out her lab partner/best friend may be a spy. Men with assault weapons may be following her. And her husband's definitely having an affair.


Lucy evades the attackers, but her husband and his mistress don’t. The only way to keep the killers from realizing their mistake is for Lucy to become 'Nina.'


As she tries to find out why she was targeted, she's both hindered and aided by a father/son detective team, the pit viper in pearls that is her mother-in-law and an Irish mobster’s bulldog that she’s inadvertently kidnapped.


WHEN I WAS LUCY is a fast-paced, 80K word contemporary women's thriller.

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